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This blog is now back to being run by both Daddy and his little girl. We’ll spend some time on the theme and everything so don’t worry about it being this geared toward littles only for too long. It’ll mostly be updated by little girl (me, hi!) with some updates from Daddy as well.

We’ll be including a lot of original content, reblogs will be accompanied by captions and short stories, and a few other things to make this blog a more personal experience for our readers. We’ll be making updates on our playtime such as our experiences with things we’ve tried, things we want to try, how training is going, etc. We hope to share our journey with our readers.

If you have any questions, our inbox is always open. If you have a question for one of us, just let us know who and we’ll try to answer the best we can.

Hope you have many orgasms while reading!

- little girl

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After a year (or so) and a lot of forgiveness on a certain little girl’s part and a new relationship, daddy is back. Just wanted to leave that here.

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Daddy is moving and his new bedroom will be a master with an en suite bathroom. Having our own bathroom is going to mean lots of dirty playtime. I can’t wait.

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I haven’t been in the BDSM community for long, but I know who I am and what I want. I have educated myself on all levels of the D/S relationship, and I am far from naive. As a sub/slave, I give myself to you, completely. I am entirely emotionally vulnerable. And you must respect that. I am not a sub because I hate myself, I am not a sub because I have no dignity or self respect. I am a sub because it is what gets me off. And if you make the mistake that I don’t value myself just because I prefer to be degraded and used, you will be shown the door. I like to be degraded, I like to be called a slut, a whore, etc. But that does not mean that I truly believe that I am worthless and won’t stand up for what I deserve, as a human being.

You are lucky to have me as a sub. You have earned my adoration, my respect and my willingness to do anything in order to please you. And you should be grateful for that.

I am yours, completely, so long as you show me that you value me when I need it. Just because I am a sub does not mean I will put up with being treated like someone you don’t care about, like someone you can fuck around and hurt emotionally. It is your responsibility as a Dom to make sure that I am ok, that I feel safe, and that I am protected. Being my Dom does not give you the right to push my hard limits, to lie to me or to manipulate me. There are too many Doms that use being a Dom as an excuse to abuse their sub.

I want to please you however I can. I want to give my body and soul to you completely. And in order for me to do that I have to know that my body and soul won’t be put through any trauma that I do not consent to.

If you want to treat me like a slut, a bitch, a worthless whore, I probably won’t mind. But you need to make damn sure that I am 100% ok with that before you go ahead and do it, or else you are not looking out for my well being.

And you may not use my vulnerability to manipulate me. Because I am not stupid, and I am not a pushover. And I will make sure that you know that.

"My Expectations of a Dom: A Sub’s Point of View"

Keile (FetLife.com)

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